SEO Agency Melbourne Bad Tricks That You Shouldn't Ignore

Search engine optimization can drive your business to success by ranking your website on search engines' top positions. It is a well-known fact that this process is more difficult than ever today. So, only a top-class SEO Agency Melbourne can rank your website in Google's top positions after all the hard work. Well, in this article; we will highlight Google as it is the king of all search engines, but that doesn't mean that you can ignore other search engines. All are important when thinking about online success. Search engine optimization is the key digital marketing strategy, which is also a long-term online marketing strategy. For example, television advertisements are pretty productive but high-priced, and you should pay the TV channel daily for telecasting your advert. An SEO Agency Melbourne will optimize your website once; hence it will generate sales for you in the long run without extra costs.

Sadly, search engine optimization is now being abused by some fake service providers, and business owners who hire such service providers get into trouble at the end. You may already have hired a digital marketing company, or you may be planning to hire a one for your new business. How can you confirm whether the service provider can make you a winner in your market or will they ruin your current online status too by implementing black hat strategies? Don't worry! Reading the rest of the article will give you the big picture.

* No results at all

Even though SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and you should give the agency a few months to show you results, they should show you some results within a few months (first two months.) In other words, you should see/feel that the service provider you have hired is doing something positive to get your business website on to Google's first search page. What if the SEO Agency Melbourne demand you more and more money for this and that, but your website's positions never change? Yes, some digital marketing companies do it today to get more and more money from you. Either the agency you have hired can't do anything for you, or they drag the process to get more money from you. Trust your intuition here. If they keep on asking, "Sir, we need $5000 more to optimize the website every week;" would you do it as they say? It is true that optimizing a business website is not a piece of cake as other business owners also invest money in top-class SEO agencies to get THEIR websites on Google's first search page. In summary, don't keep on paying your agency weekly if they haven't shown you any results even after two months from the day you have hired them. They are wasting your time and money in the long run!

* One staff member does all the processes

An SEO Agency Melbourne should employ experts in each digital marketing strategy. For example, web designers can't do search engine optimization. Well, expert web designers may have knowledge of search engine optimization up to some extent. But, only the experts who have mastered it in detail can get it right for you, and that is we always say that you should meet the agency in person to get the big picture. Their website can say anything such as, "we are a full-service digital marketing company in Melbourne," but they don't have a full team for real. When you meet them face-to-face, you can confront them about their real expertise and staff in detail.

* Magic results

Well, this is the most common misconception. Some digital marketing companies try to trick the business owners by guaranteeing the impossible. For example, "we will rank your website on the Google's first search page within a week." Well, some even say that they can rank a website on the first search page within 48 hours. Why these service providers advertise their fake promises this way? Well, there should be a reason for them to do it that way. A few business owners are there who expect the SEO Agency Melbourne to do magic tricks with their websites. Would you believe, even we get asked this way, "can you rank my website by the weekend?" We try our best to explain to them that search engine optimization won't work that way. Sadly, such demanding business owners then go after fake service providers. It is dead simple. Google is the search engine that changed the entire digital marketing world, and they have said it many times that nobody can rank a website within 48 hours or so. So, when the king of all search engine says it, how can an SEO Agency Melbourne promise it to you?

You can get to know about the SEO Agency Melbourne during the first sit-down meeting. What do they guarantee and how many months or weeks they ask for it? Do they have enough staff to deal with web designing, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies? Didn't they invite you to a sit-down meeting? A quick tip: some service providers fear to meet potential customers face-to-face as they have already lied to you on their official website. Never hire any long-term service provider without meeting them in person and signing a contract.

We are the best SEO Agency Melbourne

Well, most digital marketing companies say this today. Well, it is OK if a digital marketing company said it that way, which may suggest that they are confident about their SEO skills. But, trust your intuition here. Does what they say sound fake to you? Where their official company website ranks on Google is another measure of what they can do for you. It is funny if the SEO Agency Melbourne you are considering has their website listed on the 10th search page, and still, they say, "we are the number one SEO company in Melbourne."

Some final words

So, these are the signs and factors to spot a fake search engine optimization company in your city. The best measure is their company's website Google position. How can a digital marketing company who can't get their own website ranked on the Google's first search page get yours there? Also, search for a full-service agency that can do more than one crucial task for you. For example, we are an SEO Agency Melbourne that can do web designing, digital marketing and so on. In other words, you can save your time and money in the long run by hiring us today. We have already proven our capabilities; you can see our web rankings and our client's web rankings. Call us today so!